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Best coffee in Islamabad

While tea remains the favorite for most people across Pakistan, it faces competition from coffee, at least in large urban centers. Over the years, you may have noticed a large number of coffee shops opening in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and other big cities. One might think these coffee shops would not earn enough to continue their operations, but that is not the case.

They are thriving and continue to enjoy excellent brand loyalty. During winter, you will notice that every coffee shop in Islamabad sees a large increase in customers as people sip on coffee to escape the chilly nights. Why the sudden increase in coffee shops? While many may consider it as another attempt to Westernize Pakistan’s culture, we believe it is not so.

Coffee offers numerous benefits, including for those suffering from poor heart health. It can give you the much-needed energy boost to keep working during the chilly weather. Speaking of coffee shops in Islamabad, have you had the pleasure of trying out Coffee House? It is a newly established coffee shop in Islamabad located in Sector I-9 (Industrial Area). Yes, industrial area!

Coffee House – A New Contender for the Best Coffee Shop in Islamabad

You might be thinking, what a coffee shop is doing in the industrial area, right? After all, the industrial area is not exactly a posh area of Islamabad. Why would anyone want to come here for a cup of coffee? It is precisely what most people ask us when we mention coffee and industrial area together.
But it also happens to be one of our many unique selling points. If you are tired of visiting your well-known coffee shops in Islamabad and want to try something, then this is a must-try for all coffee lovers. If you have conveyance problems, then you can simply walk to your nearest Metro Station and drop off at the Pother Metro Station. Coffee House is a 7-minute walk from this station.

Why Try Coffee House?

There are several reasons that you need to come and visit the Coffee House. First, the ambience. When you walk into the coffee shop, you will forget that you are in an industrial area. The coffee shop is perfectly designed and has an excellent ambience. You will notice the new, sleek furniture and the clean environment. While you sip on your coffee, you get to listen to your favourite soundtracks.

The second reason is the barista. If you are unsure which coffee to order, leave it to the barista to help you make that choice. We can guarantee that he will not disappoint, and you will want to return. If you fancy something to eat, then the Coffee House offers a wide variety of snacks. You can order a crispy burger or a club sandwich to munch on while drinking your coffee.

One thing you will notice in the Coffee House is the nature of the customers. You will see many IT-related people sitting in the shop all day long. With many software houses around the coffee shop, you can network with IT specialists. Who knows, you may find your next big opportunity while talking to a fellow coffee lover in the Coffee House. To know the other reasons that make Coffee House worth your money, you will need to visit it. We promise you a unique experience that is easy on your pocket.

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