Recommended Tips to Choose Best Mobile in Pakistan

Finding a phone is difficult when you have so many brands and manufacturers available. According to 56% people are facing difficulties. I can understand how difficult it has become to get a good smartphone these days due to inflation and other crises all over the globe. We can not spend even a single day without a mobile phone because we have to use it for our shopping, office work and academic work as well. But in this article I will recommend to you my personal tested mobile phones that I have used in the past couple of years. All of them are reasonably priced and user friendly. 

One of the most important things, the long lasting survival of your mobile depends upon its usage. Most of the android mobiles work efficiently for up to 2-3 years. You don’t have to install 5-7 antivirus and 100 apps. It will drain the health of your smartphone. 

Always remember these points before buying the best mobile in pakistan

Must Consider These Things Before Purchasing a New Mobile in Pakistan

Price range:

First and foremost thing that you should consider before buying a mobile phone is your pocket. You can’t buy an IPhone if your pocket doesn’t allow it. These days IOS mobiles are much more expensive than android ones, especially iphone and samsung. So if you want to purchase the best mobile phone at the best price in Pakistan then you can go with Nokia, Honor, Motorola, Oppo, Huawei, vivo, realme. 

If you want my personal recommendation then go for any model of Oppo which you like, I promise you will never regret it in life. I have tested several models in the recent past and now I have become its fan. One thing that I like most about these mobile phones is that they have good battery timing along with awesome cameras that result in a reasonable price. 


This aspect varies from person to person, in fact it depends upon your personal interest. If you are a traveler then you have to buy a phone with good battery timing along with high specifications in camera. On the other hand if you are a business man then you will prefer a mobile with fingerprint, lock screen just to make your mobile more safer for business usage. If you’re a casual user of a smartphone and don’t use social media apps for long hours then you can accommodate yourself with an ordinary smartphone. 

Operating system:

As there are two common types of mobiles, the same goes for operating systems. One is for IOS (Aka Iphone) and the second one is android. If you are already using Macbook, ipad and apple watch then you should go for IOS mobile. Because it has more security features in terms of facelook and fingerprint. For the founders of apple watches, they must know that this watch only contacts IOS mobiles. So they must go for IOS.

Now come to the second option which is the android operating system. It is best for those who use different social apps, especially those which are newly launched. Because some of them are not allowed to be used by ios mobile owners. The second most benefit of this mobile is that it is very easy to use and for even a mediocre person. Some people can not adjust themselves with IOS due to its unique features.  

Battery life:

You become frustrated if you use your mobile for long hours and its battery doesn’t support it. Battery timing of smartphones depends upon its usage. If you scroll social media apps like, facebook, twitter, tiktok, and especially youtube then it will sink your battery timing. 

New models which are coming to market has better timing as compared to old ones. Average battery timing of mobile phones these days is around 10 to 20 hours. Quick chargers are also available in the market through which you can charge your mobile battery upto 100% in just 30 minutes but too much heat is not good for your battery health. It will affect its efficiency in a negative way. a 4000 to 5000 mAh battery along with a 30 to 50w charger is a suitable combination.   

Camera quality:

Just like better battery timing, camera quality has dramatically increased on the latest smart phones. Camera quality of a mobile can not be judged on your good quality pictures but it is judged on the basis of those pictures which are taken in dark light. For that purpose some latest phones are offering LED flashlights which increase camera results in dark surfaces.

Picture quality of mobiles vary from brand to brand. For this purpose before buying any mobile you can check its camera results at mobile based review sites and its related forums as well. 

One other best solution is just type your mobile name on google and add a word of picture along with it, you will get real time samples of your mobile’s camera. If you like colors produced by that mobile then go for it, otherwise try to find some other smartphone because editing of pictures can be done by any phone. Some mobiles allow third party lenses on front and back cameras just to enhance the pictures quality. Iphone in this scenario is highly trusted for taking high quality resolution pictures. 

Always remember that a camera with more megapixels does not give a better result. Apart from megapixels good quality functions, facts like speed of photo focus also includes in a good quality phone . Make sure to focus less on megapixel and more on features such as dual line and optical image stabilization.


It’s my friendly advice to take your friend or any relative along with you for buying a phone if you are not an expert to judge a phone on the basis of specs and other features. The second option is that you must read reviews of different mobile phones according to your interest at different review based sites and mobile forums like quora, reddit type sites. 

Here are a few tips from my end that you can go through before buying any mobile. 


Design selection of a smartphone depends upon your personal choice. Some cells have fingerprints on the backend and some on the frontend. Some people like short size phones so they can carry it while walking or they can easily put it in their pocket. While some women’s prefer big screen mobiles because they can carry it in their purse as well. 


Screen selection also depends upon personal interest. Females most of the time carry large screen mobiles because they can use it as a show off while men try to prefer medium or small screen so that they can carry it easily in hand or pocket. I recommend a full HD quality screen with 1920×1080 pixels or 2160×1080 pixels with aspect ratio of 18:9. Some top brand cells like AKA Iphone offer an AMOLED screen but it’s a bit costly. 


Net performance of a mobile is always judged by its RAM and processor. People use 2G or 3G mobiles but this practice has become obsolete due to lack of some modern features in them and especially due to low internet working. So we recommend 4G mobiles due to sharp working and high resolution in camera and screen. But this feature does not belong to the iphone because they use their own memory management system. 

If you are confused in choosing between two mobiles then go to and compare these two smartphones. It will give you a clear idea of which is better for them and why. 

Bloat ware:

Always be aware of Bloatware or PUAs (potentially unwanted applications). Manufacturers add some unnecessary apps by using this, which results in blockage of certain features. They use these apps as a third party for making black money. It causes malware in your mobile. It mostly happens in android mobiles. 


Storage capacity requirement depends upon your usage. If you have a lot of data on a daily basis to save in your phone like photos, videos etc then you must have a cell phone with min 64GB capacity. It also gives you the freedom to install a lot of apps on your mobile if you play video games and use social media apps a lot. 

You can also use an external card for extra data but this feature is only available for android mobiles. Apple doesn’t allow this feature in the Iphone.  

Water resistant: 

These days most of the mobiles are coming with water resistance. But you must clear this feature before buying because you can also use water protecting glasses on front and back if your usage of mobile is risky at any watering place. 

Software Updates:

While buying a phone, always ensure that the company is giving updates of mobiles. For that purpose you may check the brand history of that particular mobile. Like Samsung Galaxy note 9 is giving updates till today even after 4 years of launching. Choose your best which is working fine in the present era. 3 years of security updates and 2 UI updates are necessary for a good smartphone. 

You can check the android version of that device and you may look at the smartphone powered by latest android versions only as they would continually update software and security updates at least for the coming 2 to 3 years. 


Main purpose of purchasing a mobile phone is phone calls. If there are glitches in the phone while all other features are working fine, still there is no need to buy that cell because it is not fulfilling our main criteria. Some mobile phones look good, have good on paper aspects, amazing reviews but most of the reviewers don’t talk much about the network. Only those mobiles are best which you can use easily even in your blanket. 

If your mobile is supporting carrier aggregation then it’s a plus point. But it is very rare in some places. Your network operator should support career aggregator then it will work in your mobile, if it is not supporting then there is no need to check. You can check it in your phone specifications with the name of LTE, if it is showing then your mobile is supporting carrier aggregation. 

5G Network Sported : 

If you are living in metropolitan cities then you can go with 5G mobiles. But if you are living in that particular area where 5G is not supported then there is no need to buy such an expensive phone. Because 5G internet plans are costly as compared to 4G while your living area is not supporting 4G. Then it is a total waste of money.

 5g phones give just 5 to 7% better 4g internet speed. So there isn’t a big difference, don’t go for such rumors that 5G speed is far better than 4g, It’s just a myth. If your smartphone is showing 6+ bands of 5G then there are bigger chances of its 5G working. If there are 10 to 12 then it is good, go for it. 

Official service center:

It doesn’t matter which brand phone you are buying, always make sure its official customer service branch must be available in your city. If you face any problem with mobile you can go to their office for a claim or any other problem to resolve. 

Buying Smartphone online: 

It is not a wrong approach to buy phones online. But if you are buying an expensive mobile like an Iphone then you must try it at any physical outlet of Apple or any retail shop. Because I have seen some scams on the name of iphone online delivery. They send a stone or soap type product in an iphone box and get money before shipping. Always be aware of such scammers. 

Amoled/ IPS LCD Display:

I always preferred Amoled because in 90% cases it is beneficial for users. Amoled and 120Hz is ideal. But if you have a choice of 120 Hz IPS LCD  and 60 Hz AMOLED. I will suggest go with AMOLED. Because 90% games support 60FPs. Amoled screen’s colors, blacks and battery efficiency are just unmatched. 

Reputable brand:

Always purchase a mobile phone from a reputable brand having good customer service. Don’t rush to any chinese or local brand. On the spot you can save a chunk of money but you will face a lot of problems in the upcoming time. The biggest benefit of brand is that you can easily claim that if your new cell phone is not working properly they replace it within one week, it’s my personal experience. 

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