Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan

E-commerce in Pakistan has seen significant growth since the arrival of 3G/4G technology in the country. The sector is estimated to reach $1 billion in revenues by 2020, despite some general disapproval of e-commerce in Pakistan. Many key players have established themselves as market leaders, but new companies are also attempting to enter the online retail market.

Approximately 35% of the country’s monthly 70,000 cash on delivery shipments are delivered to cities outside of the main urban centers of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Despite these positive trends, e-commerce in Pakistan is still far behind the global market due to the late adoption of e-commerce and lack of trust among the general population.

Here are the top 10 best online shopping sites in Pakistan:


Online Shopping in Pakistan Without a doubt, is the market leader. It has made the appropriate marketing and partnering decisions over the years to expand its reach and boost brand recognition. It is now not just the largest online shop, but also a household name. Numbers never lie, and ranks first in our rankings with 9.3 million unique visits every month. demands an average visit time of 5 minutes and 6 seconds due to its user-friendly and interesting website design. On average, each visitor visits 4.48 product pages on the e-commerce shop. obtains more than one-third of its consumers through direct access to its website, demonstrating brand recognition.


Goto is a one-stop online marketplace in Pakistan that offers a safe, hassle-free, and easy purchasing experience at your fingertips—built on the promise of confidence and peace of mind. Goto wants to give Pakistanis with a permanent and fully hassle-free buying experience.

As more individuals search Pakistan online shopping stores GoTo has created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with a diverse choice of major brands in technology, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle; it gives its consumers 100% original items. Goto is one of the greatest online shopping platforms in Pakistan.

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3- isn’t a shop per se, but it does house thousands of vendors that provide a wide range of things to users. Even with so many unhappy customers, remains the third most popular top online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Every month, it has around 1.1 million discrete users. has bought, and according to reports, Kaymu will retire its website and redirect all visitors to Daraz soon, expanding its market domination.

As demonstrated in the graph above, the majority of visitors arrive at from search engines. Approximately 64% of its users come from random product search keywords on Google and other search engines. accounts for around 10% of its visitors (80% of all referrals).


One of Pakistan’s fastest-growing ecommerce stores is an electronics store. TELEMART is a trademark of Trade link Enterprises, a firm with 23 years of success in the field of mobile phones and consumer electronics from all the main brands, with low rates, a large choice of products, and dependable after-sales service and simple customer assistance via its online shopping platform and brick and mortar locations located around the country. Under one roof, dominance in IT and networking devices, home appliances, and home entertainment items.

5- IShopping        

The IShopping website was launched in 2011. This website is well-known for its wide selection of electrical devices, particularly cellphones., one of the greatest online shopping sites in Pakistan, offers the most popular branded stuff as well as the most recent and modern products and gadgets.

This online shopping website provides a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs and DVDs, gaming consoles and games, home & living items such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, clothes, footwear, fashion accessories and jewelry, beauty and cosmetics, baby care, home décor, furniture and books, and many more.


Yayvo’s story is extremely unique. While other e-commerce sites pride themselves on the quality of their products and marketing methods, is recognized for its fast delivery service since it is operated by none other than TCS, Pakistan’s biggest courier service. is also gaining traction and will soon become one of Pakistan’s top three internet retailers.


Home shopping differs from traditional e-commerce shops in Pakistan. is an Amazon third-party client, which is great because Amazon offers everything! Home shopping enables more individuals to obtain things that are not available in Pakistan. The Amazon Third-Party market is also rapidly expanding.

Home Shopping has been a mature and long-standing player in the e-commerce business. However, it only ranks eighth in the rankings, with 886,670 views each month. With its extensive industry knowledge and a sizable user base, Home Shopping might have done much better with more marketing and brand development.


Shopon is one of Pakistan’s top online shopping platforms. provides high-quality items throughout Pakistan. Gift Cards, Health & Personal Care, Mobile and Tablets, Fashion, Computer and Laptops, and Video Games and Consoles are among the numerous things available.


This website offers practically everything, including on-demand delivery to your home. Symbios specializes on a wide range of modern and innovative items, including phones, computers, cameras, tablet PCs, watches, and so on. Symbios is proud to be the first to provide novel and imaginative items to Pakistani culture and to assist our clients while meeting their fundamental necessities.

We not only focus on our products, but customer service builds a lot of trust among clients over time. Ecommerce in Pakistan contributes to the country’s GDP growth.

10- is last on the list, with 30,670 monthly unique visits. Although it is still a new company, has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years as a result of aggressive marketing efforts.

According to the traffic split, TheShoppies has been using a somewhat unique marketing strategy. Rather of depending on search engines or display advertising, it uses Facebook marketing to bring in the bulk of its visitors. Except for display advertising, the remaining traffic sources are evenly distributed. Brand identification is quite high and continues to rise as a result of social media advertisements. TheShoppies specializes in personalized sportswear and Pakistan Super League (PSL) jerseys.


Although there is space for improvement, numerous newcomers are quickly rising and garnering customer confidence. It’s feasible that some of them will make the top 10 list. Because Pakistani users are still uninformed of the benefits of online buying, brand advertising will continue to be a determining element in the e-commerce game. Now, e-commerce in Pakistan is growing by the day. All of these are examples of ecommerce in Pakistan.

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