What is Archive Technologies and How it Works in Pakistan?

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Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the importance of data management. Without robust record management practices, organisations are susceptible to data breaches and leaks. Apart from security concerns, the lack of records management will prevent an organisation to benefit from evidence-based decision making. Therefore, it is imperative for organisations to manage their records and data efficiently.

Archive Technologies is a leading archives and record management company in Islamabad, Pakistan. You might be wondering what records management companies do? The simplest explanation is that they help other businesses manage their records diligently. Before we delve into the company’s details, let us talk about the importance of record management companies in more detail.

The Need for Record Management Companies

Why do businesses need a record management company? It sounds absurd that they would require help with managing records, right? Well, no! In today’s digital age, businesses are producing large amounts of data. This data is critical to their long-term success only if they know how to manage it. The problem is that not all organisations have the resources or expertise to manage their data.

For example, a web development company specialises in creating websites, apps, and other software. One cannot and should not expect them to know much about robust data management techniques. It does not mean that data is not vital to their success. Undoubtedly, data can help them improve the quality of their services and stay ahead of the competition.

This is where a records management company comes in handy. The company will help the web development agency manage its data efficiently by setting up a records management system. Apart from this, we already know how records management can improve an organisation’s cybersecurity and the quality of its decision-making. So, there is no doubt regarding a record management company’s importance.

How Does Archive Technologies Work?

Now, the question is, how do companies like Archive Technologies work? To answer this question, we need to analyse the company’s services. The figure below provides a list of the company’s main service offerings.

Let’s go through them. We will not be going through each service as the idea is to only provide an idea about how record management companies work.


Nowadays, every organisation understands the importance of records management. The problem is that they lack the expertise and knowledge to set up an effective records management system. They might be backing up data which they do not require or in most cases, they do not understand how to utilise their records to drive evidence-based decision making.

Archive Technologies consultancy service addresses this problem specifically. It involves understanding the requirements of the client by holding detailed meetings. The Archive Technologies team will not only rely upon the meetings to understand the requirements but also look at the relevant regulatory requirements. For example, banking sector must retain customer records for at least five years.

The regulatory knowledge and vast experience are what makes this company the leading name in the record management industry. After assessing the requirements, the team will develop a record management plan. The plan will address several aspects. For instance, which data needs to be stored, for how long, in what format, and who will have access to it.

If the client wills it, then the Archive Technologies will implement the plan. If not, the client can implement the plan themselves or ask another company to implement it on their behalf. Archive Technologies provides specific consultancy services like advising on the method of data storage such as on the cloud or on-premises. Now, let us focus on the next service.

Scanning and Digitization

A lot of organisations still gather and store data in physical formats. The most notable example is the banking industry. It is quite true for countries like Pakistan where banking sector has yet to fully embrace digitalisation. The problem with physical records is they can be lost. Secondly, retrieving the data is a significant headache as it requires an individual to go through the documents one by one.

Archive Technologies presents an easy solution to this problem. They scan your documents and then convert them to a digital format. How does it benefit the organisation? Well, a bank or any other business can simply go through the digital records rather than go through the physical documents. It saves time and effort. On top of it, digital records enable easier data analysis.

Warehouse Storage

There are numerous organisations that are required by law to maintain physical records. Storing these records on-premises leads to inefficient space utilisation and presents a safety hazard. The reason is that the office space is not equipped to handle large amounts of physical documents. Archive Technologies has large warehouses throughout Pakistan which they use to store client records.

Why opt for their warehouse storage services rather than rent any other warehouse or building? Well, Archive Technologies will store your data in an efficient manner. Second, with warehouses in all major cities of Pakistan, organisations can easily retrieve their data. Third, the warehouses are protected against fire and other disasters, ensuring minimal chances of record loss.


This sums up our discussion on Archive Technologies and how such companies work. If you are having trouble managing your records, then we highly recommend opting for their services. They can help you better manage your records and improve your competitiveness. If you have any questions, reach out to them. Thank You.

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